Global Network Recruitment strives to remain dynamic in the way we conduct our recruitment procedures by offering a client-focused recruitment and selection service. We take care to obtain full knowledge of your company's recruitment and selection processes.

We offer the following:

Advertising and Screening:


Global Network Recruitment places confidential advertisement/s in a medium/s of our choice on your behalf. This is done regardless of making a placement or not.

Advertising mediums are selected so as to obtain the most equitable exposure. Adverts are compiled so as to focus on the specific requirements of the position.

Reference And Other Checks:


Where possible, Global Network Recruitment endeavours to obtain a minimum of two verbal references per candidate. The reference focuses on the inherent requirements of the candidate's previous position and their potential to fill, correctly, the position in your company.

Where the inherent requirements of the position require this, other checks are carried out; including the following checks:

Criminal Clearance
Criminal Record (Fingerprints)
Financial Check (ITC)
Financial Check (Experian)
Drivers License
Academic Qualification ( South Africa )
Academic Qualification (Sub-Saharan Africa )
Academic Qualification Global
Matric Qualification ( South Africa )
Criminal and Financial Clearance (Combo)
Fraud Clearance


Competency Assessments:


We are able to offer a variety of competency assessments, including the following

Competency Assessments:

Software Skills
Call Centre Skills
IT Skills
Clerical Office and Computer Skills


Psychometric Testing:


We are also in a position to offer Psychometric Testing through an associate company in the following job categories:

Junior Level Positions
Specialist Relationship Positions
Specialist Technical Positions
Middle Management Positions
Executive Positions


Terms & Conditions

Please contact us for our terms and conditions for both Permanent and Temporary placement of staff.

  Lisa Baillie
+27 11 674 1451